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IAA Approved.

As a licensed drone services operator we can obtain special permissions from the Irish Aviation Authority to fly in restricted airspaces allowing access to many different locations such as Dublin City Centre. This puts us in a brilliant position to provide quality drone photos, video, inspections and surveys.


We are fully insured with public liability insurance and are compliant with IAA safety standards. Therefore we hold safety dearly and will always mitigate the potential dangers so our project with you runs smoothly.


We are a young and dynamic company that strives to think out side the box and come up with new, fresh views of the world, making you stand out. We capture the story, the drama and emotion of what makes you you!


You can be assured of quality with our specialised equipment and editing software. We have the latest DJI drones, is capable of producing 4K footage with a 20M pixel camera. Along with our powerful editing capabilities the result is professional and of top quality standard.

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We are 100% committed to producing the best results for your aspirational promotional video/photograph/survey.


We always deliver on time and with our IAA certification we are trustworthy when we fly.

Open minded

We carry out our photography, videography and survey willing to try out new ideas which will give you the edge whilst maintaining standards.


Young and bold we strive to capture your business and help you get to grips with the latest technology.


Our state-of-the-art and brilliantly engineered equipment offers the opportunity of incredible shots/accurate surveys..


Avail of a birds eye view of your world and see the complete picture on your project.

Client friendly

We put the client first and are flexible to tailor our expertise to your needs and your budget.


We take action to show off the best aspects of your business providing you with meaningful drone footage/photographs/surveys.


Gain an insight into the world of your business from the sky!


Quality 4K footage will resonate and fuel your imagination.

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One of Time Magazines latest publications have called the era we are experiencing “The Drone Age”. Until a few years ago it was not possible to take high quality footage at such a reasonable price. Long gone are the days of having to rent expensive camera cranes and helicopters to capture magnificent aerial shots. The skies are now open to those who dare to cease the bird’s eye view! Whether taking a promotional video or an aerial photograph for your business, event, house sale, wedding, surveying a building or piece of land. DroneScape can offer you a service in all these project areas. Check out the page related to your industry to see what DroneScape can do for you!



DroneScape can carry out inspections of roofs, buildings and commercial  assets without the need to erect scaffolding. Our aerial 2x Zoom camera captures high-resolution images and 4K videos. The images and data are processed and then electronically delivered to the client. This is particularly useful for insurance companies.


DroneScape uses drone technology to supplement and speed up traditional surveying. We conduct aerial mapping of a site, process the data and produce Orthomosaics, 3D point clouds, elevation contour maps, digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM). The level of detail and real-time information that aerial maps show allows for better planning and execution of projects. Post-processing of the images happens  in the office using specialised software. Output results and files are electronically delivered to the client ready to integrate into existing software applications.


DroneScape uses RTK drone technology to conduct aerial surveys that gather accurate, actionable data of your site. This data can then be analysed using specialised software to obtain key measurements including lengths, areas and volumes of objects in the area surveyed. This is perfect for stockpile analysis as compared to traditional methods this can be done very swiftly. Therefore providing projects managers with greater information of their site resulting in savings and productivity improvements.

Photography & Video

Construction site progress tracking can be carried out by DroneScape through monthly aerial photographs or videos. Regular aerial photos or videos taken during construction are processed and delivered to the client, keeping all stakeholders informed. This is brilliant for site planning and identifying hazards on construction sites.


We’d a tricky site location to work with, and Dronescape ticked all the ‘red tape’ boxes to keep everyone happy. Shots and passes were better than we hoped, and our Client was delighted with the final video. Great job all round.
Conrad Jones Creative

I find DroneScape an excellent, safe and effective way of tracking progress on our sites.

Brian R., Castlethorn Construction